Robert Mutinda
Managing Director

A technology enthusiast, pragmatic and a results-oriented leader, Robert is tasked with maintaining client relations, coordinating Appframe team and managing projects to ensure value for our clients' money.

90% Complete Presentation & negotiation skills
80% Complete Front-end development
90% Complete Systems Design

John Muiruri
Software Engineer

An end-to-end product developer. He is fiercely passionate about the user experience and interaction of a product. He understands that the user is valuable and is driven by the unrelenting pursuit of user centered products.

80% Complete Databases & Backend
90% Complete Front-end Development
75% Complete Project Management

Njihia Njoroge
Business Development Manager

Has worked across industries and leading organizations. Njihia is tasked with opening doors and building relationships that result in win-win sales scenarios for customers and Appframe alike.

90% Complete Prospecting Skills
80% Complete Market Knowledge
90% Complete Selling to Customer Needs & Meeting Sales Goals